Kadmon cGVHD Disease Education

Patient Stories


Bringing Clarity to cGVHD

Explaining cGVHD to loved ones can be challenging. Watch as patients describe the profound impact that cGVHD has had on their lives and how they’re learning to cope with their diagnoses.

The Psychological Impact of cGVHD

Living with cGVHD affects each patient’s thoughts and feelings differently. Hear how patients navigate the psychological impacts of cGVHD and manage their expectations.

The Impact of cGVHD on Quality of Life

Chronic GVHD can impact a patient’s or caregiver’s life in many ways. Even something as simple as getting dressed to go outside can become a cumbersome task. This video sheds light on how patients with cGVHD work through these challenges.

The Financial Impact of cGVHD

The cost of cGVHD can go beyond affording medication. From traveling long distances for treatment, to putting hobbies on hold, patients discuss the financial sacrifices they make to stay on track with their treatments.

cGVHD, chronic graft-versus-host disease.